Classic Car Weekend Adventure

Classic Car Weekend Adventure

  • Beautifully restored classic cars

  • Discover The New Forest, Brighton or Oxford

  • 1 weekend for 2 people

Escape the city! Self-drive a beautiful classic Mini for a weekend in The Surrey Hills.


Now you can have your very own mini adventure, and self-drive a beautifully restored classic Mini for the weekend. Choose from a curated route, featuring stop off points to park up and enjoy, or go off-piste and see where the road takes you.


Back in the day a Mini was the car of choice. Models draped themselves languidly over the bonnet, Paul and George rattled up the Kings Road while Steve McQueen and Enzo Ferrari pimped their ride with a single fog light and metallic bodywork. Really if you didn’t own a mini, then you didn’t own the 60’s. This was the car of choice if you wanted to express personality and pizazz.


  • A wonderfully unique and nostalgic weekend road trip
  • Choose from a selection of curated routes, featuring stop off points to park up and enjoy. Alternatively, go off-piste and see where the road takes you
  • Fully comprehensive insurance included
  • Roadside assistance included
  • Up to 300 miles included over two days.
  • Vehicles maintained to the highest possible standards and feature Bluetooth connectivity for your own tunes.

  • A superb couples experience and often bought as an original wedding or anniversary present.

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