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Receive a beautiful and a little bit naughty Herb Lester guide when you spend £30 or more on an Indytute gift experience... 

Spend over £30* by February 14th (Valentines Day) and we'll send you one of these beautiful maps.  There are three different ones as we couldn't decide our favourite.  Filthy London - a historical guide to the rude and unusual.  Wild London - a leafy look at the little known unkept side London. Spitalfields Life - a historical look to all that is a wonder in Spitalfields from the people to landmarks. A little gift from us that makes the perfect addition to your brilliant London experience.

Herb Lester hard drawn map for Valentines Day

*you'll need to select your gift to come by post.  We'll choose a map for you but if you have a preference do drop us an email straight away.

Here's an idea... Book John Ellis (ex. The Stranglers guitarist and absolute legend) to play a gig in your living room.



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How It Works

  • 1. Pick your gift

    A London experience to make them feel good, an afternoon with attitude or give some time together.

  • 2. Over to you

    Last-minute Larry? Download in an instant or send straight to a friend. Time on your side? Choose our gift pack by post.

  • 3. You're off

    Your lucky recipient can easily book online or drop us an email.