On a sunny Sunday we took the Victoria Line to Blackhorse Road and within a few minutes walk, found ourselves at Gnome House, a creative space and the location of our first ever fermentation classAs the small group took turns introducing themselves, we were happy to discover that everyone had different experience levels and that we weren’t the only beginners.

The teacher, Hats, explained that we would be making three different ferments; sauerkraut, kimchi and preserved lemons. She then instructed us on how much of each ingredient we needed to weigh and gave us the options of different spices so that we could create unique ferments, according to our tastes.

The three hours flew by, and before we knew it we had 3 jars of our own ferments, ready to (carefully) transport home. You receive an invaluable hand-out when you do the workshop, which guides you through the fermenting process (which depending on the ferment, can be anything from a week to a month, or even longer!) It also has different recipes for you to try at home.

learn to ferment
fermenting workshop
fermenting workshop
Fermenting over? Definitely not. My classmate and I proceeded to text each other every day for the next 2 weeks to check on the progress of each other’s ‘babies’! The kimchi and sauerkraut are now ready and have had loads of compliments!

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